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All Natural
organicWe understand the benefits of using non-toxic products and all natural ingredients. We are committed to using the highest quality products in each and every service and strive to use organic whenever possible. We know our ingredients and will be happy to share them with you. So if you are interested, please ask.
How we keep our commitment to all natural:
Non-toxic nail polishes In recent years research has shown that certain chemicals used ¡ri nail polishes, specifically Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene can pose a health risk to all healthy adults and especially expectant mothers. Bellemani only carries non-toxic polishes that are free from the chemicals proven to be harmful to your health. We also offer water based polishes that are kid friendly and are recommended for every expectant mother. These polishes are removed with our gentle, yet effective, soy based nail polish remover that is acetone free.
Natural lotions and oils
You won’t find any mysterious bottles of highly fragranced hand lotions. We offer mineral and para bens free lotions and oils (organic grape seed and almond) that have been infused with vitamins.
Delicious recipes
Our manicures and pedicures involve natural fresh ingredients that you’ll want to eat.
Good ventilation
Typical nail salons can give you a headache with the strong fumes and poor ventilation. When you walk into Bellemani, you will just notice the calming scent of essential oils. This air quality is possible because we do not offer acrylic nail services.
sealWe want to make sure that every experience you have with us is clean, relaxing and rejuvenating. You can’t relax íf you are worried about the cleanliness of the salon andthat is why we take cleanliness very seriously and make it our top priority. So sit back, have a glass of bubbly and prepare to be pampered.
How we keep our commitment to cleanliness:
Medical sterilization of all implements We sterilize all our implements using an autoclave machine. An autoclave machine is what is used in hospitals and dental offices. An autoclave sterilizes items by heating them with steam to a very high temperature.
Disposable pedicure tub liners
By now everyone has heard of the dangers of spa chairs and the importance of proper cleaning. How will you ever know whether the spa chairs are being cleaned properly? Research shows that bacteria, skin and hair are often caught in the pipes of the spa chairs and have the potential to cause life threatening infections. At Bellemani, we don’t use spa chairs or anything else with bacteria potential. We use pedicure tubs with disposable liners. The liners click into place and are thrown away after each customer. So when you put your feet in our nice lavender bath, you can relax knowing with confidence that no one else’s feet have been there!
Vatex/Vinyl Gloves
Our technicians wash their hands before and after each service. As an additional precaution, our technicians will wear gloves during every pedicure service.
Disposable tools
Every time you receive a service at Bellemani, you will receive a pouch full of disposal products that includes toe separators, nail file and nail buffer. These items can be re-used, so we do ask you try to be green and bring back the pouch for your next service.
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